From 1964, ASCM Montreal Chapter has been one of the biggest professional associations with its 400 members who work in various industrial and economic domains. Every year, ASCM Montreal Chapter organize the self improvement activities for professionals and students.

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ASCM - Montreal Chapter

ASCM Montreal Chapter is a dynamic group of enterprises, professionals, partners and students who pursue in improving their competence in the operations management and logistic management area from the training programs, the renowned certifications, the networking event and the front edge knowledge of the best practices in the industry.

Internationally recognized, ASCM is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in the United States in 1957 by production management practitioners. At that time, the acronym ASCM stood for “American Production and Inventory Control Society”. In 2004, this acronym was updated and replaced with “Advancing Productivity Innovation and Competitive Success” to better reflect the evolution and current mindset of members. ASCM celebrates in 2008 its 50th anniversary of existence and which wants to be a pivotal stage of its development by the implementation of new strategies to increase the value of its services as well as its influence. Today, ASCM has approximately 42,000 members grouped into more than 280 chapters located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe.

In Canada

Canada alone has about twenty chapters, including three in Quebec (Quebec chapter, Estrie chapter and Montreal chapter). The chapter structure allows members of the same region to meet in order to organize activities specifically adapted to their needs and their realities.

The Montreal chapter was established in October 1964 and was then called the ACGPS – the Canadian Association for Production and Inventory Management. Over the years, the Montreal Chapter has seen its membership grow and develop. Today there are 550 to 600 professional and student members.

The average seniority of members is 7 years and several members have twenty to thirty years in our association. The activities and administration of the chapter are organized by a team of dedicated volunteer members. Besides, do not hesitate to send us your comments, suggestions and appreciations so that we can constantly improve our services. The current management team would like to thank all the volunteers who have worked within ASCM-Montreal over the years. Thanks to you today we have the chance to be able to count on dynamic members and a financially healthy chapter.


ASCM is one of the main sources of knowledge and expertise for professionals and organizations working in the manufacturing and service industries. Large knowledge base is accessible to members in several ways including:

  • The Operations Management Terminology Dictionary (whose creator, Mr. Eriks Leimanis, is an active member and volunteer of the Montreal Chapter)
  • The monthly magazine ASCM, recipient of several awards
  • The annual conference bringing together thousands of practitioners
  • Internationally recognized professional certifications
  • Communities of practice bringing together professionals (ASCM Learning Communities)
  • Operations management training programs
  • The bookstore with hundreds of specialized books
  • Training available in companies and also on the web

By becoming a member of ASCM, organizations and individuals assert their leadership within the industry and demonstrate a willingness to advance their practices related to operations management and supply chain management.

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