CPIM Certification

Production & Inventory Management Training Course

New CPIM Certification

Be certified in inventory planning and management.
Is the CPIM program right for you? The new version of the Certification (version 8) offers you the same enhanced training with a single exam.

Next sessions

This session is cancelled.  It will be replaced by a new version in mid February 2023.

This is the last chance to obtain a certification in CPIM 2.

– Learning Syst.: 638$
– Exam: 638$
– Bundle: 1 148$
– Session with inst. (virtual)
> Min. 3 participants: 1 600$
> Min. 6 participants: 650$

Spring 2023
Online only
9am to 4:30pm
– Apr. / 22, 29
– May / 6, 13, 27
– June / 3

About CPIM Certification

The CPIM program will give you recognition in your workplace.
Resilience and agility are what make supply chains thrive.
By earning the APICS (CPIM) designation, you will develop the skills required to work,successfully, in all supply chain functions.

Plus, you’ll have the knowledge to effectively manage risk and disruption, as well as leverage technology to streamline processes.

CPIM is also a level for your career:

  • Career Advancement.
    CPIM certified earn on average 12% more than their peers who do not have the certification.
  • Career Opportunities.
    65% say they have a positive impact on recruitment decisions following CPIM certification.
  • Professional credibility.
    CPIM helps you develop your knowledge and skills of the world of logistics and operations allowing you to stand out from your employees.

The APICS CPIM learning system provides comprehensive, personalized and simplified exploration in preparation for the certification exam.

The training offers you two approaches:

Ideal for self-taught people and those with unpredictable schedules. The self-study option means you can learn on your own at any time, day or night, according to what best suits your schedule. The CPIM learning system includes both printed books and access to an interactive online platform.

Ideal for people who prefer a structured study environment. Instructor-led courses are offered by approved ASCM partners worldwide. These traditional courses combine the learning system with guidance from an APICS-recognized instructor and provide valuable peer-to-peer discussion and networking.

Contact your ASCM Montreal Chapter for more information.

CPIM education is essential if you are involved in:

  • Production and inventory management
  • Operations management
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement
  • Materials management
  • Purchasing
  • Planning

Now a new CPIM (Version 8) adapted to the new needs of Professionals!

In a survey of members of the Montreal Chapter, professionals holding a CPIM certification saw a positive impact on their careers after obtaining this certification:

  • 76%  improved their organizational skills
  • 60% apply CPIM principles in their current role
  • 33% found a job / new job
  • 16% received a salary increase

The program

The training consists of the following modules:

Module 1: Supply Chains and Strategy

  • Section A: Supply Chains, Environment and Strategy
  • Section B: Strategic Scope and Objectives
  • Section C: Development and Management of Organizational Strategy
  • Section D: Functional and Operational Strategies
  • Section E: Environments, Types and Layouts
  • Section F: Performance Monitoring and KPIs
  • Section G: Risk Management
  • Section H: Capital Equipment and Facilities
  • Section I: Sustainability Strategies

Module 2: Sales and Operations Planning

  • Section A: S&OP Objective and Process
  • Section B: Aggregate Request and Supply Plans
  • Section C: Reconciling N&A Plans

Module 3: Application

  • Section A: Demand Management
  • Section B: Sources of Demand /
  • Section C: Forecast Performance

Module 4 : Procurement

  • Section A: Creation and validation of the Master Program
  • Section B: Use and Management of the Main Program
  • Section C : Planning for Material Requirements
  • Section D: PRC and Planning
  • Section E: Suppliers and Procurement
  • Section F: Product Change and Lifecycle Management

Module 5 : Detailed schedules

  • Section A : Detailed Scheduling
  • Section B : CAP Planning and Methods
  • Section C: Create Production and Service Schedules
  • Section D: Management of detailed schedules and planning documents

Module 6 : Inventory

  • Section A: Inventory Planning
  • Section B: Inventory and Product Costs, Value and Measures
  • Section C: Detailed Inventory Management
  • Section D: Inventory Control

Module 7 : Distribution

  • Section A : Distribution and Planning
  • Section B : Replenishment and Order Management
  • Section C : Waste hierarchy and reverse logistics

Module 8 : Quality, technology and continuous improvement

  • Section A : Quality
  • Section B : Technology
  • Section C : Continuous improvement


Learning System
APICS 2023 CPIM Self Study Exam

1 850$ + tax without membership

1 400$ + tax with membership

(10% discount already applied)

– Digital and printed books (for one year from date of purchase)

– Online study tools with quizzes, practice exam, learning activities and resource center (instructor support not included)


3 608$ + tax without membership

2 600$ + tax with membership

(10% discount already applied)

– CPIM 8.0 Learning System and exam voucher + 2nd Chance Exam (restrictions apply)

– Digital and printed books

– Online quizzes and test with immediate feedback

– Online study tools with quizzes, practice exams, learning activities and resource center (instructor support not included)

– CPIM Exam Content Manual (ECM)


1 850$ + tax without membership

1 400$ + tax with membership

(10% discount already applied)

– CPIM Certification Exam

– Get results immediately

– Use your certification right away

Session with an instructor


Minimum of 3 participants

– 3 participants: 1 600$ to add to package

– 6 participants: 650$ to add to package