Associate Instructor, CPIM, CLTD

Serge Martel

Serge has the CPIM, CLTD certificates and a MBA diploma specialized in Transportation and Logistics. From 2011, he teaches, trains, accompanies and mentors his peers. Serge has worked in a number of companies of various size, taking different positions ranging from planner to corporate managing positions. He continues to share his experience and knowledge.

SCTS Supply Chain Training and Services

Gerald Mendes

Gerald has a solid and diversified experience in Supply Chain with the pharmaceutical industry where he worked internationally for more than 30 years. He also developed Supply Chain educational programs and since 2017, he’s an associate instructor for CPIM and CSCP for multiple industries in France and Canada.

Associate Instructor, CPIM

Hugues Henault

Hugues is an experienced supply chain professional who has comprehensive achievements in many diversified fields such as change management, inventory management, information systems, ERP implementation, operations management logistics and strategic supplier development. We can describe him as a person who works creatively with a focus on team building and as a person who has strong analytical skills. He worked previously as the president of ASCM Montreal Chapter and as an associate instructor in CPIM and LEAN, Hugues is continuously sharing his professional experience and industrial knowledge within ASCM Montreal chapter.

Associate Instructor, CSCP

Yasemin Kahyaoglu

Yasemin is a recognized CSCP instructor in ASCM. With an academic background as the researcher and instructor in supply chain and operations management, Yasemin is well credited by her students as a teacher who can share her knowledge in a clearly and organized way in order to help them to be prepared for exams. Yasemin has abundant experience as a teacher. She teaches courses in Business Statistics, Production/Operations Management and Supply Chain Risk Management at Concordia and McGill University. In addition to the CSCP, she also holds a certificate in Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation.

Associate Instructor, CSCP

Johanna Hernandez

Johanna is an associate instructor for CSCP and Principles of Operations Management. During her professional career she has demonstrated to be an accomplished and resourceful Industrial Engineer working in a variety of companies from retail and manufacturing sectors. Johanna has 12 years of experience in the fields of supply chain, international trade, project management and ERP implementations, in both the South American and Canadian market. She is also very involved with the ASCM Montreal chapter where she has been collaborating as Project Manager, providing guidance and support in different initiatives within the Education Group.

Associate Instructor, CPIM

Leila Merabet

Leila is an associate trainer of CPIM certification. With a degree in industrial engineering and an MBA specializing in operations management, Leila Merabet has been very involved in the Montreal chapter for several years now.Over the past 10 years, Leila has worked in various positions in the supply chain and within large international groups in the luxury and cosmetics industry in France, the United States and Canada. Leila sits on several committees within ASCM and regularly writes for the association’s SCM NOW magazine.

Associate Instructor, CSCP, CLTD

Gerry CZornobaj

Gerry has CSCP and CLTD certificates, as well as an MBA diploma. He also possesses an academic background in Chemistry accompanied by strong experience in both the foods and chemical industries. He has directed several startups including site relocations during his career. Gerry’s career has touched on multiple aspects of businesses including: chemistry based analysis, production planning, change management, inventory management, information systems, ERP implementation, and the development and implication of a Concept of Operations manual. His various management roles have included Manufacturing, Operations and Logistics.  

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